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This guide delivers essential tips to help businesses to navigate the confusing landscape of packaging. With sustainability at the forefront, this guide empowers you to make immediate, impactful changes to your packaging design.

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make your product premium

Humble Sampler approached AWEN Consulting in 2021 to work on the packaging of the existing hamper. The main goal was to have a premium look hamper using only sustainable packaging and elements such as ribbon, tissue paper, labels and tape and consider the fragile products that must arrive intact to end customers.

By carefully changing the elements and the material we created a beautiful and premium-looking hamper that could be charged at 70% more than the previous one, and opened up a new market becoming attractive as a gift to corporate clients.

It's proven that having sustainable packaging can generate more sales, customers are willing to pay more for designed sustainable packaging and with that you're leaving a better world for your children.

Collection of Humble Sampler hampers before hiring Renata for packaging consulting
Collection of Humble Sampler hampers after hiring Renata for packaging consulting



“Renata has been such a pleasure to work with in researching and sourcing our hamper packaging. From the outset, she was diligent, thorough and went above and beyond in terms of sourcing suppliers and ensuring we got the best price for what we were after. I learnt a lot from Renata as well along the way, in terms of what best practice is. I'm very excited to say that we're part of the collective impact working towards reaching APCO's 2025 targets for sustainable packaging in Australia! This wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for Renata's assistance.

Thanks so much again! “

happy client

Meet Renata, our packaging specialist

Our consultant Renata Daudt holds credentials as a packaging consultant from the Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) & the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO). 
She has worked for over 15 years in the packaging industry in Europe, America and APAC. Renata is an internationally experienced engineer passionate about sustainability, packaging innovation and nature. 
She can't wait to support you with your packaging journey!

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