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Our mission is to eliminate landfill by empowering producers, suppliers, designers and retailers to use packaging that is not thrown away or even recycled after use! Instead, clever, innovative and thoughtful packaging can be fed back into a circular economy.

  • To replace waste management with waste elimination

  • To circumvent landfill by enabling a circular economy

  • To inspire whole-of-life thinking for packaging

  • To find beauty in minimal, low-impact packaging solutions


To make the right choice for the environment the best (and easy) choice for businesses and consumers.

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The name AWEN comes from the celtic symbol representing life balance, with the paths of nature, knowledge and truth converging. At AWEN, we believe the end point of that path must be our beginning. We help businesses plan for the end-life of their packaging materials; not just the beginning.

Our founder, Renata Daudt, is a packaging materials engineer with extensive global corporate experience. She has witnessed the confusion, lack of information and misinformation in the marketplace. AWEN was created as a trusted source of information and advice for business owners who want to do better for the environment.



AWEN'S founder, Renata Daudt, has been a fervent nature lover since her childhood in Brazil. Now a qualified and experienced engineer, she uses her understanding of materials to support and inspire others to protect the environment. 


Renata’s professional experience has shown her the worst – and the best – of recycling and waste management around the globe. She holds multiple degrees in packaging materials engineering, and has over a decade of experience working for large corporates in 15 countries. This includes Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Germany, India, China, Russia and Europe. Renata has worked extensively with paper, plastic and ink and understands the ideal way to process raw materials so they function effectively but impact lightly on the environment. 


Through AWEN, she educates and empowers business leaders to make innovative, powerful, informed and sustainable choices that protect nature.