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Reach your
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Sustainable Packaging Mission


AWEN sustainable packaging consultancy helps business owners create new packaging solutions that minimise the economy's impact on the environment, without diminishing a product's beauty or purpose. We encourage businesses to rise above the established cycle of waste, recyclables, and biodegradables and remove excess materials from their products altogether.

Our potential to lead change is limited only by our understanding of materials: their composition, their production, and their final destination. AWEN helps business leaders reframe their mindset, rethink their packaging, redesign the system - and realise their power to make a positive change for the planet!


Work With Packaging Experts

AWEN specialises in guiding brand owners on the APCO Sustainable Packaging Guidelines, APCO Annual Report, Action Plan and advising on the Australasian Recycling Label Program (ARL).

AWEN is a trusted sustainable packaging and APCO consultant to the FMCG industries. We offer practical advice on packing, transporting, protecting and presenting products. Our guidance is tailored for Australia and New Zealand’s local waste management and recycling facilities.


What We Do


Review your packaging range against Sustainable Packaging Guidelines and create a tailored sustainability framework for your organisation to work towards National Packaging Targets.

think out of the box

Improve your eco-friendly packaging design, recyclability and waste management through performing an internal sustainability audit.


Get support with your  APCO Annual Report, APCO Action Plan and ARL Compliance Audit. We are listed on APCO website as trusted consultants.


Unpacked By Renata 📦 ♻️

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"Renata helped us out with the ARL Audit and APCO Action Plan, her support was essential for us to understand what had to be done and to prepare the documentation for the audit. Thank you so much for your help again."

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